Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Anti-Blockshopper Website

Take a look at this new anti-Blockshopper, pro-privacy website:

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  1. There is NO opt out with Blockshopper. This link takes you to their site telling you they don't give a shit.

  2. I was shocked to find my "news story" today. It contains links between a home purchase, and a linked in profile - which as far as I'm concerned is not a properly "informed join" of information. I've emailed them saying I am not the homeowner, we'll see what they come back with. To me - they have no proof that that linkedIn user, owns that home. The only data they have is name, and city information to create that association.

  3. Hi. I googled myself and found "front and center" my name associated with the purchase of my home, my address, taxes, purchase price and all details regarding the sale. I was blown away and emailed scarlett simpson ( on 4/11/2010 to please take my name and personal information off their website. On 4/12/2010, her entire reply is below:

    "BlockShopper publishes public records. Property ownership and sales information is listed publicly in multiple places on the internet and in other publications. We get our data from the county-- it is the public record. It's our goal to be accurate and consistent, so we don't simply edit the public record on any request. "

    Basically they are advertising on their website a homeowner can opt out, however, in private email responses to homeowners who request this, is denying the request in writing as of 4/12/2010 using the explanation that it is all public information so they have the right to post it on their site. Where can I sign up for a class action lawsuit?

  4. Where does Scarlet Simpson live, where did she go to school, who is she married to, what property does she own, does she have kids - what are their names, what is her husbands name,what are her parents and relatives names, does she have a criminal background, what is her credit rating, tel#?, email address?

  5. I doubt that scarlett simpson is using her real name. I contacted blockshopper and also got the same canned response. I wrote to the county where my records were harvested and they said they provide them through the freedom of information act. Does the freedom of information act say that they have to post my name on their county website? Seriously this is just wrong.

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  7. This "blockshopper" is the ONLY website that has refused to remove my RESIDENTIAL address.
    My son has a racist stalking him.
    If the stalker harms my son or kills him (as the stalker said) - then is going to be on accomplish stand.
    I reported them to FBI and also police.
    This is very very scary for my child - that the bully who is harming him knows OUR ADDRESS.
    We wrote to these low I.Q. "block-shopper" from Nazi Israel but they keep publishing our address to the ENEMY.
    May the CURSE of the Powers of The Globe be on this abuser named BLOCK-SHOPPER owned by the DEVIL.

  8. The response I got from "scarlet" is: You can contact the recorder and assessor's office in the county you reside. If they are willing to remove you from the public record the information will drop off our database during our next update"

    I spoke with Kirk Fuekes (nto spelling correctly probably) - he is with the SF Recorder's office - he said there is nothing they can do. This is "public data". So I suggested they make a note to "public" to let everybody know that this information is distributed to everybody, including likes of "scarlet".

    Pissed me off the whole thing. We should just take that site down or find the owner by his picture!

  9. Scarlett simpson is a piece of shit who did nothing to help remove anything

  10. Scarlett Simpson at
    BlockShopper publishes public records. Property ownership and sales information is listed publicly in multiple places on the internet and in other publications. We get our data from the county-- it is the public record. It's our goal to be accurate and consistent, so we don't simply edit the public record on any request.
    My response to her:

    County clerk office and county register's office do not release public information. You have to be an authorized person such as a police officer, an attorney or a judge to get my records with a legitimate reason. However, you have got my records from mortgage company and realtors.

    Just from your full name, a little Google search reveals so much information about you, your website and the other people behind it.
    Such as this website. You are not just exposing my name, you are also sharing and selling it to websites like; and so on.

    I will personally post your photo and information to certain websites, business cards on your name will be left in many places, just like you expose me and others, you will be exposed too.

  11. Same thing happened to me. Got the same generic e-letter from Scarlett. She told me that I'd have to send a police report of an incident AFTER something happened to be removed. I'm afraid to say that this is not an isolated event. I have spent months trying to remove my private info from websites. These type of website have been appearing more and more frequently. Most are not originating from the US which makes them difficult to monitor and impossible to remove. The answer has to be made by public officials and US laws regarding public. information. Has anyone else noticed that public officials seem to have no problem staying off of these lists? How do they keep their info off of these things? Just to see, I have tried to enter names of politicians and other public individuals, and not once has their info appeared. It does make me wonder.

  12. I got the Scarlett Simpson reply tonight, and emailed her that I’ve received death threats due to my occupation, and have turned her email over to police. I expressed there would be liability for their unwarranted invasion of my privacy should something happen to me or my kids. Do they care? Not in the least, and we probably need legislation as we all fight a losing battle for personal privacy and safety.