Sunday, April 19, 2015

Some of what crybaby Brian Timpone / Brian Timpone's associates post to this blog

Just a sampling of some of the threatening posts we've received from the pathetic whiner Brian Timpone and/or his colleagues: "See your too much of a pussy to post my comments. you want it to be one way, you can't stand opposition to your idiotic statments. You are a f'n moron, and you better pray I don't find out who you are because I'm gonna make you my bitch" "if i ever find out who you are you are fucking dead" Keep 'em coming Brian Timpone. We always love to hear from you. One way or another, eventually you'll get what's coming to you.

More on Blockshopper's Owner Slimeball Brian Timpone - Home Addresses Included

"Brian Timpone (Blockshopper's owner) - son of disgraced & disbarred attorney Leonard Timpone... is a complete POS beyond human comprehension. He doesn't even list his own property at 2024 North Racine Ave in Chicago that he bought for $730k at the peak of the bubble (worth about 520 now). He also doesn't list his property at 843 Keystone Ave in River Forest in the white pages. But everyone else – and every other property is ok to list? Amazing… "

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Blockshopper A-holes Are Still At It

The a-holes at Blockshopper, Timothy Landon, Brian Timpone and Edward Weinhaus, etc. are still at it. Publishing people's addresses and not giving a crap about the consequences to anyone. Just greedy, selfish a-holes that couldn't care less about the welfare of others. Incredible to see we've had over a quarter of a million hits to this blog by people they've pissed off. Can you imagine having a quarter of a million people thinking your just the scum of the earth? Brian Timpone can.

Check out this article, Blockshopper Enabling Stalkers with Home Owner Information Website