Thursday, November 5, 2009

Additional Complaints About and Their Scumbag Chairman Timothy Landon

Someone needs to beat the crap out of Blockshopper Chairman Timothy Landon!

69 days ago by Imtickedoff will not take my info off the internet...

so for all of you people out there who are getting the run around with them...

here is the CEO's info...

Timothy Landon
2704 Bennett
Evanston, Illinois

spread it around, call him, call your attorney general, Homeland Seurity, every real estate board
you can think of all their advertiser and let them see the blogs of people who want OFF their site.

65 days ago by aa16897

I, too, am horrified to learn that not only have they advertised my property, but also list our full names along with an aerial photo of the exact location of our property. This is a clear danger of not just identity theft, but to our physical health and well-being. I have contacted them but to-date they have not removed the information. It seems that there should be something illegal to list a property with full disclosure of the owner names. By the way, our property has NEVER been listed for sale and is 10 years old. I question the purpose of the listing and their overall integrity.

64 days ago by rlalic8

I am very upset with blockshoppers staff. I emailed;;; and informed that due to the security of my job and me having such a rare name that no other female have, if they can remove my name from there site. They informed me its "public information". I kindly asked again and informed them that I was just promoted to a high risk job and which is located one city away from my home. I also informed them that i receive threats and they have placed me and my family in risk. But they didnt seem to care.
I believe we should file a class action lawsuit. I know there are others out there with the same concern.

43 days ago by 42sharlet

I too have made requests of this company to remove my name; explaining that I have been a victim of a stalker in the past and that publishing my name with my home address puts me and my family in danger. They refused, short of me sending them legal documents, restraining orders etc. As this company has proven their complete lack of ethics already- I'm certainly not going to trust them with further personal information!

I've been writing to all of my legislative representatives and my state governor. I have drafted a letter that can be used as a form letter for this purpose. I have also drafted a letter to send to advertisers that can be used to ask them to stop advertising with these people; helping remove their advertising $$ is probably the only way to slow them down until some legal action takes place to stop this.

43 days ago by tcagin

Here is an email sent out as a chain email a few months ago.
It was on the blockshoppervictim site, until Blockshopper's attorney's forced the web host to take the site down.

Pass this on, and follow the suggestions- Hopefully these people can be stopped.

Dear all,

I'm not one to take part in chain emails, or public crusades for that matter. For those of you who know me, despite my political convictions, you know I'm far too busy for such activity. Further, that governmental intervention is usually the last thing I look or hope for.

When Googling your name, typically there is a lot of interesting information available. However, a new site, outdoes it all. Blockshopper passes themselves off to be a "Real Estate" site with a twist- they utilize information obtained from public databases and social websites such as Facebook, Linkedin, etc..., and create stories about those buying or selling their house.

Blockshopper mines public databases such as those of county records, and if your house is not in trust, they create a special web page just for you (really just for them)- complete with yours and your spouses name, home address, and what you paid for your home. A map pointing out your home is always included. Further, they SEO (search engine optimaize) the page so that it comes up on the first or second page of Google should a search be accomplished on your name.

If you're really lucky, as so many seem to be, there will be a corresponding article about you, your spouse, both of your job histories, your children and where they go to school.

Blockshopper does not return telephone calls, and refuses to allow an opt-out since Real Estate information is "public". "There is no legal requirement to remove information", touted one of their founders, Brian Timpone of Chicago in an interview.

There is a way to remove your current address from Blockshopper and thus Google- move. (I'm told that sealing your public record with a court order is a possibility, though difficult to accomplish.) Putting your house in trust after the fact doesn't work- they keep the last known names on their special page.

While I do not wish to debate the legalities of their 1st amendment claims, one thing is clear: In the past, one would have to know where you lived to pull up information about your home address from the appropriate county web site. Just a few years ago, they would have needed to obtain the information from County Records via standard mail. Now, courtesy of Blockshopper, a single Google Search will provide such information via your specially created page on Blockshopper.

I pulled mine up (my last name in this email is an alias) while in Europe last week- no article, but the basic information was there- and on the second Google search page with a title in big letters. Personally I'm of the believe that publicly available doesn't necessarily mean readily and instantly available.

Just your name and Google- and it will be on the first couple of search pages from anywhere in the world.

There has already been at least one attack reported due to the site's callousness:

Though I can not confirm that the story is true, it most certainly could be.

I would encourage the following:

Exercise your right to the first amendment, and at the very least send this to as many people on your email list as possible.
If you are a Realtor, let Blockshoper know you will not work with them until they offer an opt-out. Tell your national association how you feel.

If you work with or use products from those who advertise on their site, be sure to let them know you are boycotting them.

Let organizations for missing and battered women and children know about Blockshopper.

Pull up your favorite congressman- then let them know how you feel by including the Blockshopper information obtained off of Google/Blockshopper in the letter.

And if you're feeling really creative, a Youtube video like "United Breaks Guitars" could make national news. Dave Carroll brought one of the worlds largest airlines to its knees for wrecking a ~$500 guitar, and not reimbursing him.

Lastly, feel free to let the owners of Blockshopper know how you feel- though I most certainly do not condone behavior encouraged by the following sites, their home addresses and phone can be found here:

Blockshopper has options which would show decency, while maintaining their business model- they could keep the stories (basic information if there is no story attached) and remove last names and children by request. They simply choose not to, since they feel they have "no legal obligation".

Thank you for your help, and I hope with enough pressure, something will be done before more acts of violence against every day people take place; people like your family and mine.


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  1. I just got the same BS from these guys. Contact your Congressperson and file a complaint. Point to all these websites and complaint forums so they can see the extent of the problem.

    Also, if you live in California, The state has an Office Of Privacy Protection. Contact them and open a complaint there too.