Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New website features personal info. about Valley homebuyers

Yet another story of innocent, hard working people being exploited by Blockshopper scumbags Brian Timpone and Edward Weinhaus

Reported by: Tim Vetscher
Last Update: 4/29 9:07 am

When Ruth Bassignan put her North Scottsdale home up for sale, she had no idea it would trigger an article on the Internet about her personal life.

'My first reaction was an invasion of my privacy because I didn't know there was information about myself and ex-husband," said Bassignan.

A writer on the website penned a story about Ruth and her ex-husband Gary with the headline Realtors list Scottsdale 5BD.

The story references, among other things, both of their current employers, their past work history and time spent in their respective professions.

All of that information sits just below their home address in the article.

"You're talking about my personal residence, said Bassignan. "I think someone should ask for my permission." essentially tells the stories about who in the Valley is selling and buying homes.

The authors take information about sellers and buyers from Facebook, LinkedIn and Google searches.

They then use it to write news articles about them complete with information about their careers, education, and children. The articles sometimes even include personal pictures.

"They should be asking these people before they put it on the Internet for all to see," said Bassignan.

The founder of said his writers only take information from the public domain and always link to the websites they got it from.

Still, Bassignan doesn't like it.

"They should be asking people if they want their images, their employment, personal background (used)," added Bassignan.

As far as she is concerned, simply selling a house shouldn't make her personal life fodder for news headlines.