Monday, April 12, 2010

New Blockshopper Lawsuit - Contact Lawyers Here

For those interested in suing Blockshopper, I have re-posted this comment from one of the earlier threads so it is more visible:

"We are a law firm investigating the conduct of BlockShopper.

If you feel that your rights may have been violated by BlockShopper, please contact us by e-mailing us at

However, please do not include sensitive confidential or personal information in your initial e-mail other than your name and a telephone number where you can be reached.

Once you e-mail us your name and telephone number, one of our attorneys or staff members will be in touch with you to discuss your case. Thank you."


  1. Thank you so much for this info! so glad I found this blog.

    I'm also filing a complaint against Blockshopper via the FTC as well.

  2. I blogged about my experience with Blockshopper and received some emails from Brian Timpone about why blockshopper does what they do... Basically they think they are the new community newspaper helping everyone out by giving us the ability to judge our neighbors.

    I'm not sure I can post urls in comments, but I'll try:

  3. I love how blockshopper acts like they are doing everyone this great service by providing this information. All they are doing is lining their pocketbooks

  4. I requested opting out and was given the "we can't edit county records" with domestic violence and lingering PST this was very concerning to see my home listed with my name. They are not a branch of the govenment so could allow for opting out as other sites do. I would be shocked at the behavior here but clearly they are not just narcissistic but a bit sociopathic would be my guess. D

    1. Yes, same here - My son is being bullied and stalked by some sick HS thugs and if he gets hurt - this Block Shopper is the only site that has not removed our INTERNET data.
      Every other websites were DECENT and HUMANE except this Satan from Hell who is compromising my ONLY son - I curse them !!
      And my curses do happen !! How insensitive, low morale and evil is this BS - Block Shopper?
      Money and Greed above LIVES?

  5. I agree with you all. they are scumbags profiting off of our information. i hope they get taken to the cleaners!!!!!

  6. I'm trying to generate a list of perfectly legal ways to stop (or at least mitigate the effects) of these scumbags.

    Since this blog seems to be neglected, and since several other sites have been taken down, here's my new blog -- happy to re-post here too, if anyone is curating this blog.

  7. I hope they all get their houses robbed and have to endure the endless hassles of identity theft. They are functional morons and truly revolting individuals. Shame on all three of them.

  8. What about google themselves? Can't we get google to not post with them? We are all endangered because of them!

    1. Google never answer to any of the requests. There is no way to contact Google.
      This is strange and the Internet is really dangerous.

  9. Here's everything I found on these douche bags from the Secretary of State of IL and MO. Note that they also provide a phone number in Florida, but no address.

    314-485-4882 – St. Louis
    312-436-1880 – Chicago
    954-903-0284 – Ft. Lauderdale

    IL. SOS. File # 02632055
    MO. SOS File # FL0924414

    2704 Bennett Ave
    Evanston, IL 60201-1304
    (847) 332-2021

    2024 North Racine Ave, Apt# D
    Chicago, IL 60614

    3528 N Janssen Ave
    Chicago, IL 60657-1324
    (773) 636-4545

    Robert W Navarre II
    725 Glenayre Dr
    Glenview, IL 60025-4477
    (847) 657-9109

    102 Ladue Aire Dr
    Saint Louis, MO 63141-8059
    (314) 485-1089
    (314) 485-2950

    4971 W Tilden St.
    Springfield, MO 65802-6772
    (417) 832-1825

    1. Thank you for exposing those assholes

  10. Don't forget Timpone's disgraced & disbarred unethical father Leonard found guilty of "Corrupt Motives or Moral Turpitude"

    Leonard T Timpone
    (312) 624-9038
    2311 Division St, Apt 306
    Melrose Park, IL 60160-1847

    He also appears to be missing from blockshopper


    Timpone is also listed in the white pages at this address (not on blockshopper of course):

    843 Keystone Ave
    River Forest, IL 60305-1319
    Wife: Patricia M Timpone

  11. Hi - can you please post this as a new post so people will see it: I am collecting all of the legal threats blockshopper has sent out to people who have complained over the last few years. In doing some research on this company, I have found that nearly everyone who complained too strongly ended up with some kind of legal threat. Please email me a PDF and / or copy of the legally threatening emails that blockshopper sent you. I am working with an atty to aggregate these. These legal threats are all baseless & the lawyers who have sent them to you are potentially subject to disciplinary action. Thank you -

  12. The address listed above for Scarlett Simpson is not the address for the person associated with the website. It is my address as well as that of my wife, whose name is Scarlett. I find it to be very ironic that you all are complaining about the actions of blockshopper while at the same time posting private information of others, and unverified private information at that. My name is Bryan and my phone number is 417-766-7400 if you would like to talk to me. Thanks.

  13. If BlockShopper has posted anyone's image or photograph without their consent, please contact us at to discuss.

    We are a law firm investigating the conduct of BlockShopper. All communications are confidential. Thank you.

  14. Anyone has a template to use for asking our elected officials to get involved? how about getting media involved?

  15. My relatives in Minnesota drew some unwarranted conclusions as to my finances because of the publication of the sale of my house in San Francisco. I am now uncertain of how to inform them that I'm not filthy rich. The final result of the sale left me with a not very luxurious life style.

  16. Delaware homeowners: write to your representatives at (link to elected officials is at the bottom).

    The more complaints they receive regarding Blockshopper, the more likely they are to pass legislation prohibiting their actions. Lack of legislation is the only reason Delaware was included as a Blockshopper "market" to begin with.

    You can also file a complaint with the BBB at; Blockshopper already has a significant complaint file.

  17. I am in Phoenix, Arizona and was wondering what had happened in regard to this disgusting organization, Blockshopper. I note they still have a website.

    Does anyone know what the situation is in Arizona? Blockshopper has exploited the real estate debacle.

  18. I'm glad I found this I sent them an email to remove my information and no one replied..I have a stalker and don't need any issues or giving them more than they need

  19. My personal information is out there and erroneously. I'm concerned about my personal privacy, as well as safety no one outside of certain area gets published and yet because I use to own a condo in Los Angeles area I'm unfortunate enough to have my info published out there. I can't get hired because employers look up my information and they think I'm filthy rich already and don't need a job because of it. This is too unfair. I asked to be removed and they refused saying it was public information. Someone please help.

  20. Thanks to blockshopper my stalker found out where I live and put letters in my neighbor's mailboxes saying I have aids and am a pedophile. Now my neighbors are afraid of me and I have gotten death threats.

  21. How blockshopper was sued 7 years ago and they still doing same thing? they public my information without my authorize and they even never response my email? what can I do to this shameful company? Stilling people's information to make dirty money? outrageous!