Thursday, November 5, 2009

More People Angry About and Douchebags Brian Timpone and Edward Weinhaus

Jennifer of Marina del Rey, CA October 27, 2009 is a complete invasion of my privacy and puts my personal safety at risk. While they say "it's public record." I have the right to give my consent or not to blast to the world via the Internet my personal information. This site needs an "opt out" or to be shut down.

Laura of Henderson, NV October 20, 2009

I also googled myself and was horrified to see as the second listing, my name, address, and how much I paid for my house. When you click on the link, you can also send me a message (somehow).. I emailed Scarlett S and nicely asked her to take my info off the google search. As a single women, living alone I am very sensitive to my personal information being too accessible. She wrote me a curt response telling me it is public information and they have every right to post it. and refused to take me off the web site.

I wrote back agreeing it was public info but if I DO NOT want it posted they should respect my privacy wishes and remove me since they are NOT a .gov or .org county or state web site, they are a for-profit site, profiting off ad space for MY info! and i also reminded her that they removed the info for Day J (due to his lawsuit) and I deserve the same courtesy. No response from her after that. is anyone looking into a class action suit. I am interesting if so. I agree its public info but if you can be unlisted in a phone book then we should be removed from this site if we wish.

Todd of Chicago, IL October 20, 2009

These people create a separate web page for every single name associated with every real estate transaction. I pulled my name up while in Europe- it was on the first Google search page. Blockshopper refused to remove my name, citing freedom speech. This regardless of the fact that I have serious concerns for the well being of my family due to the business I am in, and prior crimes already committed and targeted against those in my industry. Whether they have "freedom" or not to publish such information, the way they are doing it is most assuredly a violation of Google's policies.

Charlie of Lindenhusrt, NY October 18, 2009

My house address and personal info is displayed on this website.

Andrea of chandler, AZ October 13, 2009

I have been a victim of cyber crime. Periodically, I check my online prescence for my personal safety. To my horror, a simple Google search brought up my name, along with all of my personal information. I emailed a simple request to have my name omitted from the site. I would have been content to have my name and phone number replaced with a generic 'a****a' or 'anonymous' or 'withdrawn' as a placeholder next to my address. This would not compromise the accuracy of blockshopper's database while retaining the public's safety. My request was denied.

Consequently my privacy, financial security, physical security, and identity security are further compromised than need be. Additionally, my information is more easily accessible to mailing lists. I have been exploited without my knowledge or consent.

Martha of Glendale, CA October 12, 2009

I will be going back to work soon so I thought I should google my name to see if anything dodgy had been posted about me. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that a website called Blockshopper had my name and address posted (along with a photo of my home) for the world to see.

Citing that the info is public record, Blockshopper will not remove names, even when requested to do so. This is an egregious invasion of my privacy. Doesn't anyone remember when actress Rebecca Schaeffer was murdered on her doorstep because a crazed stalker found her address from the DMV? If there is a class action suit assembling, please count me in! My privacy has been seriously compromised!

Vivian of Encino, CA October 5, 2009

Our names, address etc should not showed in public or should give us an option to opt out without our consent. Someone might stalk an individual.

Balarie of South Pasadena, CA October 3, 2009 is the reason for several legal suits brought against me. No one knew that I was a homeowner until Los Angeles Blockshopper continuously over the years, exposed the information. Monetary damages, stress and strain. On top of it all I am a victim of abuse! This violation of privacy keeps me vulnerable.

Jasamyn of Chicago, IL October 1, 2009

This company is listing personal information - full name, address, purchase price of my home on a public page. When my name is googled, all of my private information is accessed on the second page of the google search. This is a breech of privacy. I called and emailed to get my information removed and was told this was public domain and that anything in public records can be posted. I have seen several complaints on this and want to know what can be done to stop this company from posting private information.

Cheryl of Las Vegas, NV September 28, 2009

I just recently came upon this website Moreover I had googled my name and city and came upon my full name and address listed. I do not have my name and address published in the phone book and do not wish to have that information displayed for all the public. I have contacted Scarlette Simpson via email and she was no help. I researched this company and see many individuals with complaints and lawsuits. Id like to know how I can be deleted from their website or if this is possible.

Nate of Cerritos, CA September 17, 2009

lists real estate and deed and title information. blockshopper probably gets this information from public records, BUT individuals listed should all have the ability to 'opt-out'

Walt of Beverly Hills, CA September 13, 2009

I amongst many are complaining about Blockshopper refusing to remove my personal address from a google link to their website. My name should not be advertising Blockshopper. They need to pay me to use my name as a link to their website. What I find alarming is that all anyone in the world has to do is google my name and up pops my personal address. All the other cites will remove my address if I request, but not this bunch at Blockshopper. They are causing people needless grief. They are frightening people because the innocent public is now open to cyber staulking, cyber fraud, etc. I cannot belief this Blockshopper is still in business. I am happy to join a class action lawsuit against them. I know Jones Day law firm sued them in Chicago, and Blockshopper was forced to remove the attorneys' info from the Blockshopper link.

Theresa of Des Plaines, IL September 13, 2009 isn't publishing our information for the purpose of selling real estate. They make money with every click and are using our names and putting us at risk for the purposes of making a buck. These people are despicable. The laws need to change. Contact all your elected officials, contact everyone you know and tell them to do the same. Contact the media. Contact their advertisers and agents. Spread the word and expose these evil people for what they are. My address is now available to the world.

Lauren of t, IL September 10, 2009 gleens other websites to get real estate info to put on their site...for the sole purpose of selling advertising dollars. if you request to opt-out, they say no. they have put peoples' lives at risk and still, nothing. I have called the FTC today and reported them and will keep calling all their advertisers, realtors etc. to get them to realize, this 3 man, 1 woman company is a 'joke' ...and not why would anyone want to be associated with that? especially, Lifelock, Disney, Wells Fargo, Swarofski, Bank of America and realtors?

Nancy of Valencia, CA September 4, 2009

I googled my name and it brought up my address on the front page of the search. I am a single woman who does not give out my address to stangers! This is unsafe and a violation of my privacy please make them cease and desist. anyone could come to my door to find me. uncool.

Vanessa of Culver City, CA September 2, 2009

The website publishes my full name with my home address along with the amount that I purchased my home for all with the intent of gaining profit from the information. I requested my name be taken off the website, and was told it is public information.

MT of lindenhurst, NY September 2, 2009 posts peoples personal information as far as address, their property purchase price and date of property purchase. I have contacted Federal Trade Commission about it but they do not take individual complaints. So I need a group of people to file complaint with FTC. I see a lot of complaint about here. They do not call or write back.

rlalic8 of long beach, CA September 1, 2009

I am interested in a class lawsuit. I have sent the staff of blockshoppers (Scarlett, brian, drew, timothy l., rob) serveral emails pertaining the risk they have placed my family in by listing my complete address. I informed them that I work in a banking center which requires me to open and close down a center that carries a ton of money. They were also informed that I have a unique name that no other women has.

I also informed them that I live one city away from my job and based on my job functions I recieve threats and anyone at anytime can locate me. There responses were "its public information".

B of S, CA August 30, 2009

If can put up information with disregard to peoples' privacies, then they shouldn't be so unhappy when they see themselves over and over and over and a NEGATIVE light on Google...which states this very thought...(that gets to put on the web every public record they can find). Well, I say FINE ! Everyone should keep writing how UN-Happy they are that will NOT remove that information... Let's see how Happy THEY are when their AD DOLLARS go DOWN and DOWN and Down.... don't get mad....get even ! Nothing's just Business! The business of getting EVEN !!!

Lauren of A, NM August 30, 2009 will not even entertain the idea of removing your information upon request. Advertisers should consider this before signing on with them.

Heddy of s, AZ August 28, 2009

After being victimized and moving, with an UP number, I see my address on - asked to be removed. no one has the courtesy to do it or return an email or call. I am NOW posting the CEO"s family address and phone to see HOW HE LIKES IT!

jennifer of hollywood, CA August 27, 2009

This company legally post public information on individuals as related to real estate transactions. The problem is they make it readily available through a simple google search. With Public records you generally have to go down to county records to pull this info. This site makes it easy for stalkers to show up on your doorstep. There have been several victims whom have complaint. One lady was running from an ex and he found her through and showed up on her doorstep.

is there anything that can be down to shut this site down? OR have them make it more difficult to get your personal info. Safety and welfare of children living in the home would be my first concern.

Sherry of Littlerock, CA July 27, 2009

I was informed by a friend that Googling my name revealed my FULL name, FULL home address, a PICTURE of my house, what I originally paid for it and the name of the previous owner. I do not appreciate my privacy being invaded like this!! I realize that we live in a time when protecting one's privacy is a challenge, however it SHOULDN'T be! I never granted my permission to blockshopper to use my information publicly. They should be sued for their blatant disrespect of privacy.

Simon of Newport News, VA July 25, 2009

Blockshopper, claims to list publicly available information online. This is fine. WHAT IS NOT FINE IS MAKE THIS INFORMATION AVAILABLE THROUGH A SINGLE NAME SEARCH IN GOOGLE. IF I WANT TO KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE, BLOCK SHOPPER WILL TELL ME. I tried to explain this to the stupid Scarlett but she does not care. (They always don't until sued)

Pamela of Lancaster, CA June 23, 2009

This website is displaying property information as well as names of property owners on their website. My information is mentioned there along with the address and picture of my property without my consent, posing a danger to me and my family. Please have them remove our names immediately.

Shauna of Los Angeles, CA June 11, 2009

Display my home address when someone Googles my name. This is negligent and poses undue risk to consumer. I have tried to contact them to get my name removed. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE ABOUT THIS SITE!

Tommy of Denton, TX May 11, 2009

The collection agency placed a collection on my credit report claiming that I owed BMG 95 for some CD's back in 2005. I havent lived at that address since early 2005 when I sold the house. I tried to get additional information from the collection agency, but they had no information, no ss#, no id info, so signiture, no invoice.

I dont understand how a company like this can get away with collecting on something that I have no clue was every purchased. I've asked the collection agency to give me an invoice number or a company number to this BMG company and they could not help me. This has seriously affected my credit on something that even the collection agency doesnt have other than my name and old address.

John of Orland Park, IL May 8, 2009 has listed my address as well as every address on my street with the owner or tax payers name. My address needs to be kept personal as my life can be in danger if it falls into the wrong hands. The house is actually NOT in my name, the Taxes on the house were changed, never the less when anyone searches MY NAME, the address I live at pops up. I have "signed up" on which stated that I would have "access to privacy controls" that DO NOT EXIST! I had emailed them many times, left one voice mail, one reply to email was that I would be put on a list. This is NOT good at all. Remove my name and ADDRESS!

Mar of Ny, NY March 31, 2009

Site reports public information which can be accessible by a search engine. This gives anyone with a computer access to the addresses of others. Invades the privacy of the individual.

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  1. They must remove my data from their website. I can not believe they just blast my name, my wives name, address and how much we paid for our house. Go ahead a list the property address and price, but do not disclose my name. I also emailed them about it, but all I got back was, too bad it’s public information.