Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Anti-Blockshopper Site Launched

A new anti-Blockshopper.com website has just been launched... the momentum is building.

Be sure to check it out and e-mail them and/or post on their message board to find out how you can help put Blockshopper permanently out of business:



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  2. That really sucks. Hopefully you saved your code and images. It might be worth it to go to a paid site, they'll be much less likely to take you down. I recommend Godaddy.com for cheap prices on domain names and hosting. You can also pay a little extra for an option to keep all of your personal registration info anonymous (Domains by Proxy).

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  4. Here's a few thoughts:

    1. You could publish it on 10 or 20 free hosts anonymously and let them try to track them all down. Just set up a new one every day.

    2. For defamation, you would first receive a "cease & desist" letter before anything goes to court. So they would have to pay a lawyer to get your info from the host, send the letter etc. At that point you could then take it down w/out spending a dime. It's only if you persisted that it would then go to court.


    3. Just edit your site a bit to make it non-defamatory. Include the photos, address info, basically most of the stuff you had on there, just without maybe the photo commentary section. We can't let these scumbags continue this.

    Another option is to get in touch with enough people that are angry about this, pool our funds, and file a law suit of our own. I've already been looking into some options.

  5. Hey Stop BlockShopper, Any progess on getting your site re-posted after those cowards had it taken down? Feel free to post some of your material here.

    Also check out:


    Maybe the two of you can join forces.

  6. OMG the same thing is happening to me here in Seattle, WA..they refuse to take down my information calling it pubilc record. Hmmmm, well in two years the stalker could not find me through public records and last month to my shock and horror they published my information on their website and now he has found me again. THEY DO NOT CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have MANY friends who are attorneys who are all poised to file suit against them. Wish me luck and that I do not end up or worse die from this Dangerous Man before they will take my name off their website. If my last name was common like smith, I wouldn't care, mine is NOT common and I have proof that he has once again found me!

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  8. Sorry to hear the losers at Blockshoppers's reckless, selfish actions have resulted in these problems for you.

    We do wish you luck and please keep us posted on the progress of your law suit! You might also considering getting in touch with this person: www.blockshoppervictim.com