Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Growing Number of Complaints About Blockshopper.com



  1. They refuse to remove my name from the listing, claiming public information. I have contacted legal counsel.

  2. Please keep us posted and let us know how we can help.

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  4. Natalie,

    I'm very sorry to hear what happened to you. I predicted this was going to happen. I suggest you discuss this with lawyers immediately, and see what can be done. Perhaps a civil suit is in order. Please keep us posted.

    Again, I'm very sorry to hear of these terrible things that have happended to you due to greed of scum bags Brian Timpone, Eddie Weinhaus, Rob Biedermann, & Co.

  5. Everyone please read Natalie's story at


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  7. I agree. Blockshopper.com simply does not care about the safety and well being of the public. It looks like Natalie's story on blockshoppervictim.com has been removed.

    Let me know if anyone plans on taking legal action. I'm sure there are millions of Americans equally concerned about the information blockshopper.com has posted about them.

  8. Yes I think they threatened her with a lawsuit. I'm not sure what the status of her lawsuit against Blockshopper is or why she took her site down as there was nothing defamatory in it... it was just facts and opinion.

    According to what she had posted, she had a stalker who located her via Blockshopper and she was raped. I predicted this would happen as Blockshopper is obviously a great resource for stalkers. They can Google people with distinctive names and find their home address, whereas prior to Blockshopper this information was not being indexed by search engines.

    Natalie please keep us posted and feel free to post your information here.

  9. I am interested in a class lawsuit. I have sent the staff of blockshoppers( Scarlett@blockshopper.com, brian@blockshopper.com, drew@blockshopper.com, timothylandon@blockshopper.com, rob@blockshopper.com) serveral emails pertaining the risk they have placed my family in by listing my complete address. I informed them that I work in a banking center which requires me to open and close down a center that carries a ton of money. They were also informed that I have a unique name that no other women has.I also informed them that I live one city away from my job and based on my job functions I recieve threats and anyone at anytime can locate me. There responses were "its public information".

  10. Keep calling their advertisers, and
    those realtors with phone numbers....

    the less money they get...
    the more likely they'll fall !!!

  11. I've contacted The Google adwords team in order to have their ability to use Google ads as a source of revenue.
    However, I think their ads are fake. They link through doubleclick.net and not google.

  12. We need to get organized. Separately our complaints are not enough, but if we contact BlockShopper's advertisers as a coordinated group, it will be a different story. I have a history of successful advocacy, used to own an advertiser supported website, and am willing to take the lead if others are willing to help out. If you're willing to send some e-mails or letters, contact me at OptOut4Safety (at) gmail.com.

  13. Major, Doubleclick is owned by Google. I think you are on the right track.

    Folks, there are many different routes we can take here, and I think we should take all of them.

    1. Contact Blockshopper's advertisers directly. Show them all the complaints against Blockshopper all around the web on sites like ConsumerAffairs.com, and ask the advertisers if that is what they want to be associated with. We need a coordinated campaign to get on their radar, not just a random e-mail here and there. We need a list of advertisers, and a deadline for the advertisers to respond to us, or else they will go on a boycott list.

    2. Contact Google and challenge them to live up to their code of conduct (http://investor.google.com/conduct.html) by not providing Blockshopper with ad revenue NOR by indexing their pages on their search engine until BS provides a way for people to opt out.

    3. Look into legal action. Freedom of speech does not extend to shouting "fire" in a crowded theater, and it does not apply to putting people's addresses on the web if that person has safety concerns and asks to have their address removed.

    4. Help each other out by sharing information if there are other interim ways to keep our loved ones safe. For example, has anyone had luck getting their county to take their names off the record, since that is where BlockShopper is getting it from?

    Again, if interested, contact optout4safety@gmail.com

  14. More thoughts: We need numbers. Where are we going to get them? For one thing, organizations of people that have an urgent interest in not having their addresses listed. Prison guards, law enforcement (police, sheriffs, probation officers, parole agents, etc), judges, prosecutors, even defense attorneys (disgruntled clients). Starting to sound like a group that you want in your corner? Who else? Some teachers, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers. There are professional organizations and unions that we can contact for all of these groups, adding huge numbers of people to our cause at a time.

    Another way is virally. Facebook, MySpace, and just your friends and family that are also listed on blockshopper.

    This will work. But I need help. Anyone?


  15. To the owner/moderator of this blog (whoever is approving these posts!). I am interested in buying ads to actively drive additional traffic to this website but need your permission. Please contact me either way so I know how to proceed. Thank you! OptOut4Safety@gmail.com

  16. WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE devoted to getting Blockshopper to see the light and allow people to opt out from their listings. Please visit:


  17. PAY ATTENTION: Here's what everyone needs to do-

    Fill out a complaint form with the Missouri Attorney General. It takes 5 minutes.


    Next, do the same thing for the Attorney General in your state. They all have a form to fill out.

    Next, do the same for you local Congressperson. Usually it's just an email submission form.

    All of this takes maybe 15 minutes total.

    Are you mad? Then do it!

    The AG for Missouri needs to see 50 or more complaints before it hits his radar screen so DO IT.

  18. We are a law firm investigating the conduct of BlockShopper.

    If you feel that your rights may have been violated by BlockShopper, please contact us by e-mailing us at InvestigateBS@yahoo.com.

    However, please do not include sensitive confidential or personal information in your initial e-mail other than your name and a telephone number where you can be reached.

    Once you e-mail us your name and telephone number, one of our attorneys or staff members will be in touch with you to discuss your case. Thank you.

  19. Hi --
    Blockshopper needs to be stopped. Can you please post some information on any legal proceedings or ANY kind of action we can take?


  20. I found the name of a realtor in the Seattle area who advertised at Blcokshopper.com. His name Richard Senecal and his phone number is 425-417-6458. Maybe we can all persuade him to help us remove our information. His website is found at http://www.richardsenecal.com.

  21. You can contact all their advertisers and partners. You can find them in their website. Realtors and Real Estate companies are their advertisers. If you live in Seattle, here is the site where you can find phone numbers and email addresses of their advertisers: http://seattle.blockshopper.com/