Thursday, February 12, 2009

Info on Blockshopper scumbag Edward Weinhaus co-founder, the greedy, selfish, money-grubbing jackass Edward Weinhaus and his wife, Natalie B. Weinhaus (you can't help but wonder what type of person would marry a piece of shit like Edward Weinhaus??), bought a five-bedroom, 3.5 bath at 102 Ladue Aire Dr. in Creve Coeur, MO 63141. in June 2007 ... another genius who bought just as real estate prices were about to tank.

Edward Weinhaus' kids attend Parkway West Middle School. From what we hear they are cry-baby wimps.

Be sure to pay Eddie and Natalie Weinhaus a visit when you are in the area, I know we will be...

If you want to send Eddie Weinhaus your thoughts on posting all of your personal information online, his e-mail address is:

Or, just give him a call: 314-283-7770

... isn't "public information" wonderful Eddie? you f-ing prick


  1. Make sure you add Scarlet Simpson to this list. She is the person you email when you have a complaint, suggestion or comment. I contacted her as to why full names of owners have to be published. Her answer is that it's public record.. whatever.. so let's publish her info too.. thanks!

  2. Paul --

    call their advertisers.....and let them
    know what these punks do...

    hit 'em where it their
    bank accounts, honey !!!!

  3. I wonder if television stations that
    have consumer complaints shows would
    like to do one on


    let's all call all our local stations that
    have these - Phoenix has 3....
    That would hurt biz a little...heeheehee

  4. Here is Scarlett Simpsons info.

    Director of Customer Service
    1065 Executive Parkway Dr Ste 200
    Saint Louis, MO 63141-6367


  5. I just googdled my self. I am also very angry about privacy practices. Is'nt there something that can be done legally?

  6. Where does Scarlet Simpson live, where did she go to school, who is she married to, what property does she own, does she have kids - what are their names, what is her husbands name,what are her parents and relatives names, does she have a criminal background, what is her credit rating, tel#?, email address?

  7. I am a little late coming to this party. I had noticed blockshopper when I googled myself but only recently realised how very dangerous that was in today's social environment.

    I certainly will follow through googling and searching for these people and ensuring I post their personal information anywhere and everywhere I can.