Thursday, February 12, 2009

Info on Blockshopper scumbag Brian Timpone

Blockshopper piece-of-shit Brian Timpone graduated from University of Missouri in 1995.

Brian Timpone lives in Lincoln Park with his fat ugly wife, Patty, and their three mentally challenged children.

Brian Timpone lives in a 3.1 bath townhome in the Camden Passage complex at 2024 N. Racine Ave., Chicago, IL 60614. He paid $730,000 for it in June 2007. Way to buy at the height of the market, ace.

Brian Timpone and his wife Patty would love for you to stop by and let them know what you think of making all your personal infomation public on Google via his website

You can also e-mail Brian Timpone your thoughts on making all of your personal information public at, or better yet, just give him a call: 877-700-3904

Brian Timpone's political contributions are as follows:

2006: $1000, JOHN MCCAIN 2008 INC. - Republican
2005: $2000, CARPER FOR SENATE - Democrat
2004: $1,000, JACK RYAN FOR US SENATE - Republican
2002: $500, RE-ELECT HAROLD FORD JR - Democrat

Brian Timpone's mother, Helen Timpone, died in June 2008, no doubt due in part to disappointment over what a greedy inconsiderate piece of shit her son turned out to be — a f-ing punk who puts his own personal profit over the privacy and safety of others.

If you see Brian Timpone around Chicago, do us and the thousands of others he's exploited a favor and punch this asshole in the face:


  1. I heard John McCcain sent this guy's $1k
    BACK to him???


    Wants NOTHING to do with him !

  2. Oh, Paul...

    you're so funny and talented....

    I really laughed at this one !!!

    thanks...funnier than SNL !!!

  3. Thanks for the laugh!!!!!!!!!!!! What a relief.